Making the Grade: Tips on Being a Successful Student

With this little tip by scholarshipexperts you can become one of the best student in your class . Chances are that if you are reading this, you are already a somewhat successful student. However, the higher up you go in the education hierarchy, the more strategies you will need to stay successful. Consider these tips:
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  • Focus. This is the single most important strategy for success in both high school and college (and at work). Focus on what you want, on what you are doing, on where you are at the moment. If you are in college, focus on each and every class and assignment. If you are in Chem I, focus on that class, that assignment, that grade. Don’t let your attention be diluted with outside interests until your schoolwork is completed. You won’t do well in International Politics if you are fighting with your significant other or worrying about what to wear to the football game this weekend!
  • Prioritize. Education is your #1 priority at this time in your life. All decisions must be made around that priority. Sure, it would be fun to spend your time off at the beach, but not if you have to finish a term paper. And it would be fabulous to hang out with your sorority sisters until 4:00 in the morning, but not if you have a final exam on cell mitosis at 9:00 the next day.
  • Sleep. Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. This isn’t advice from Granny; it is a practical, stay-healthy-and-you-will-do better-in-school fact. Junk food, binge drinking, doing drugs, and staying up all night do not create a successful scholar. Take care of you. Your success depends on it.
  • Participate. Go to all classes all the time. Skipping class is the best way to fail. Attend every class and be a part of each one. Ask questions, visit your professors during office hours and discuss class material with other students. It’s your education…so be a part of it, and strive to be good at it!
Hope this will help you
 This list is a review done by AUCHIPOLYBLOG base on the
  • Number of student
  • rank on Google
  • facilities
These list can change from time to time

  1. Yaba College of Technology (LAGOS) 
  3. Ibadan POLY
  4. Nekede poly
  5. Osun poly iree
  6. Imo State Polytechnic
  7. Polytechnic Ile-Ife 
  8. Rivers State Polytechnic
  9. Kaduna poly
  10. Rufus giwa poly
Procrastination - putting off things that need to be done presently- is a habit that's easy to cultivate. Trouble is, it's a bad (and sometimes dangerous) habit. There are several reasons why it is vital to break this habit. I have listed a few below:

·It wastes your time - if there's something you're supposed to do, and you postpone doing it, you'll have to do it anyway. If you don't do it when you're supposed to do it, you'll end up doing it when you should be doing something else.
·It lowers your self-esteem because you feel you've failed if by the end of the day you haven't done what you know you should have done.
·It keeps you from reaching your goals.
·It gives you a false sense of comfort. You deceive yourself when you think 'I'll do it later'. You never know what might come up later, making it impossible to do the task.
·It's a sign of laziness. Chances are, if you're lazy in one aspect of your life, you're lazy in other aspects as well.
·It keeps things piling up. This makes you feel overwhelmed when you finally get round to doing them. A vicious cycle then develops because you are put off by how much you now have to do.
·Procrastination keeps you stuck. It prevents you from progressing in life.
·You are unable to concentrate on doing other tasks until you've completed the one at hand. You feel like there's 'unfinished business', which there is.

There are many more disadvantages of procrastinating but I hope the few I've listed above have helped you realize it's time to break the habit.

If they have, that's good. I have put together my top five tips for overcoming procrastination below. Read them, and put them into practice. Remember, one sure fire way to change a habit is by replacing it with another habit.


1.Do your least favorite tasks first. Get them over and done with, and then subsequent tasks will seem more enjoyable.

2.Decide to 'Do It Now'! Let that be your mantra, then go ahead and DO IT NOW!!

3.Think of 5 benefits of doing it now. Here are some:
·You get more time to do other things.
·You get an increased sense of accomplishment, which leads to greater self-esteem. You feel very good about yourself.
·You don't feel stuck because you're getting things done: you feel free to move onto other tasks.
·You can concentrate on other tasks, so you are able to do them better.
·You reach your goals faster.

4.Keep a record of your progress. This will motivate and encourage you to continue the habit of doing things now.

5.Break down each task into smaller, easily manageable chunks. Then apply items 1 to 4 above to each chunk.




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  • Dr (Mrs) P. O. Idogho (Rector)

  • Mr Fred Agboinghale (Deputy Rector Administration)

  • Engr. Braimoh (Deputy Rector Academics)
  • Dr (Mrs) Margaret Aashipelokhai (Registrar)

  • Mr Patrick Owie (Bursar)
  • Mr Olusheun Ekuoye (Librarian)


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